Angelic Reiki Healing Workshop 1st & 2nd Degree


The purpose of this workshop is to awaken an unconditional link with the healing energy of the Angelic Kingdom. This is a wonderful gift for personal development and to share with friends and family. This workshop is open to anyone looking to build their connection to Divine Energy. The self healing journey is unique to each individual. Our passion is to offer support and help build connections through these classes.

This workshop will provide:

  • Angelic Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree Manual
  • Two Angelic Reiki cleanses & attunements
  • One Archangelic initiation and blessing
  • A definition and understanding of the nature of Angelic energy
  • The principles of clearing and dedicating space
  • Six healing methods including self and distant healing
  • Four practical healing exchanges
  • How to cleanse and attune crystals
  • The laws of healing according to the divine hierarchy as given by Djwhal Khul
  • The system was given by Archangel Metatron to support Lightworkers on their journey
  • Certificate of completion Angelic Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree
  • This workshop does not include a professional qualification

Friday 8/2/2024 5-8pm

Saturday 8/3/2024 10am-6pm

Sunday 8/4/2024 10am-6pm

Instructed by Beth Donovan, ARMT 134 with co-host Hollie Udvornocky

To register or learn more contact Beth directly.


mobile: 843-505-8184


Energy Exchange: $444.00

N.R. Deposit $111.00

Balance due 8/1/2024

Participants are required to bring or purchase a master healing crystal. Further details given upon registration. (Avg $20)

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