Meet our Health Coach, Karen Croll

Integrative Health Coach, Karen Croll

The past two days, we have shared with you the role of a health coach, why you may need a health coach and today, we want to introduce to you our very own in-house health coach, Karen Croll. 

Karen joined our center back in January 2021.  She comes to us with 3 years’ experience as an Integrative Health & Wellness Coach.  Karen discovered her passion to help others navigate their way to a healthier lifestyle when she, like many, found her health deteriorating quickly after she hit the age of 50.  She noticed significant decline in her cognitive abilities, resistant weight loss, aches and pains in her joints, digestive issues, food sensitivities, fatigue and complete burnout.  She remembers asking herself, “What is happening to me?  I’m too young to feel this old”.  

Upon the recommendation of a friend, she sought out a doctor who was an Integrative M.D. (healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of l ifestyle).  He diagnosed Karen with leaky gut, systemic inflammation, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and her autoimmune condition came out of remission.  

After 8 years of continued personal and professional development, Karen now understands that all of these conditions originated from imbalanced hormones (reproductive, thyroid and adrenals) due to lifestyle factors — meaning that these conditions could have been prevented with awareness, education and healthier lifestyle habits.

So THIS is why Karen became a health coach … to help others easily navigate their way back to better health with natural and safe dietary and lifestyle changes.  She can and will work with your healthcare professionals to support the treatment you are currently receiving from them.  But without making changes to your current lifestyle, there may be reduced long-term success when relying solely on pills, creams or surgical procedures.  Change can only happen when you not only shift your mindset around accepting new behaviors but fully embrace them.  

Oftentimes, this kind of change needs the support, guidance and accountability of a trained health coach to walk along side you in this journey to health.

That’s why Karen is making herself available to you through her free discovery session so you can experience her gifts and get started on your path to health and wellness.

Click on the button below today to schedule a time chat with Karen about your health goals.  Together you can explore the path that’s best for you. 

Want to know more about Karen? Check out her website: Wellness Garden Coach.

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