Amy Spadafora, MIR,MH

“My mission is to provide you with with the essential ingredients for the regeneration of your vital force”

After graduating from the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado in 1997, where she specialized in Iridology, Herbal Medicine, and Naturopathy, Amy returned to South Carolina to share her life work.   Amy is the founder of Harmonic Infusions where she formulates herbal teas and a variety of nurturing aromatherapy products which are harmonically blended to restore the activity for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of our core life energies.

Presently, she provides a safe and loving environment for those seeking personalized guidance to begin their healing transformation by helping them to understand their unique inner ecology, align oneself with nature’s healing rhythms and empower self-healing with herbs, nutrition, and sound.  Additional healing modalities include Flower Essences, Sound Therapy, and Synergistic Aromatherapy.

Amy offers a variety of classes at her new office space at the Holistic Wellness and Detox Center in Bluffton and her Medicine Wheel Garden, focusing on empowering self-confidence to those wanting to develop and experience a deeper understanding on how to care for oneself, family and begin to take steps in creating a harmonious way of life.  

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Services offered:

Herbal Nutrition – Herbs stimulate and support our body’s natural process of purification, regeneration and transformation by providing superior nutrition for the entire body to achieve harmonious health functions.

Iridology Analysis – Iridology interprets the map of you inner ecology through the Iris which reveals how the body functions. An Iris shows constitution type, strengths and weaknesses, toxic accumulation, nutritional imbalances, inflammation, over and under activity and degeneration of tissues.

Flower Essences – Flower Essences restore harmony to our emotions by helping us to recognize and rid ourselves of limiting and destructive patterns of behavior. Made with flowers that are infused by the sun in water, they provide a language that helps us to understand our inner world and the ways we respond to life.

Sound Therapy – Sound has the ability to harmonize everything that is right. Sound can help rebalance and maintain better health, raise our consciousness, help us to feel peace, and restore a restless soul. Person sessions provide the space and time needed to reconnect to self and release what is not in your highest good, especially stuck emotions, which are the main contributors of dis-ease.

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