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Functional Nutrition & Energy Healing Therapies

Bio-Energetic Nutrition (Formally Happy Tummies of The Lowcountry) is a Nutritional Therapy Practice devoted to improving Digestive Health and other Chronic Health Problems using a Functional Approach to Nutrition, addressing root cause factors and supporting the body as a Whole!

Digestive Issues and the majority of our modern day health challenges almost always involve imbalances in the diet, lifestyle habits or environmental exposures. Sometimes even very complex health issues can be traced back to simple things like poor diet, a nutritional deficiency, mineral imbalance, toxic presence, infection, etc… These things can upset the very foundation of your health and snowball into larger issues over time. As a Functional Nutritionist, I take all of these factors into consideration when creating customized nutrition protocols to support each client’s specific needs.

Bio-Energetic Nutrition clients are getting REAL results with various types of health conditions because we take the time to investigate deeply into your health history, diet & symptom presentation, & if indicated we dig deeper using specialized functional lab testing such as stool testing & hair analysis, to guide a program tailored to support you where you need it most.

More info on GI Map stool testing
More info on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis testing
More info on MRT Food Sensitivity testing

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