Sound Massage

Beth Donovan


Vibrational Sound Therapy (2017)
Soulmonic™ Sound Healing (2018)
Angelic Reiki Level 6 Master/Teacher Certified (2020)

Sound massage is a unique experience using therapeutic grade singing bowls on or off the body. This practice can be done fully clothed, laying or siting. The tones from the bowls are known to bring a calm and clarity like no other experience. The Zen singing bowls are custom made with clean, bell grade metals consisting mostly bronze and small amount of tin. This ensures no toxic contaminates for the client. The Zen signing bowls have been approved for use in hospitals and medical settings for this purpose. The tones are pure and consistent. The intention for their healing is set by you in our opening ceremony during the breath work portion of the session. In the pre-session interview you will discuss your intentions and purpose for the sound healing and open the space for the guides to come in and work with you.

In a sound healing (a.k.a sound massage or sound bath) session the participant is sitting or lying comfortably. The practitioner will set the space prior to guest arrival for maximum comfort. The participant is encouraged to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and can be in socks or bare foot. To open the sound healing practice there will be some light breathing techniques you will be guided through. In a sound healing session there is an array of sound healing tools which may be used, such as crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls, rattles, drums, chimes, angelic tones, vocal toning, solfeggio frequency, and indigenous instruments. Sessions are typically 60 minutes.

About Beth

Beth’s training started as a personal endeavor to self-healing.  In 2015, on a private healing retreat in Sedona, AZ, she was introduced to a seven different healers of various backgrounds and modalities including cognitive behavior therapy, journaling, breath work, shamanic ceremony, reiki, vortex yoga, releasing ceremony, chakra balancing and sound healing.

Beth’s sound healing session was guided by musician and shamanic healer, Three Trees.  In that healing session she experienced a complete breakthrough in her emotional body which immediately shifted her well-being and expedited her path to better health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

​This is the spark that started the fire and passion to learn the healing properties of vibration and sound. ​

Beth holds a certification in Sound Healing from the Vibrational Sound Association (2017) and SoulMonic Sound Healing (2018).  Beth holds her Angelic Reiki Master Teacher training certification (2020).  This allows her to hold workshops for those looking to gain Angelic Reiki Certification for their own healing or sharing the gift with others.

To learn more about Beth you can visit her website at:

167C Bluffton Rd, Bluffton SC 29910